Who is Grace?

Currently I am PhD student at Temple University living in North Philadelphia just a few blocks from the Erie stop on the Broad St. Line.

I am the fourth child in a family of five siblings and am proud to say my parent’s marriage of more than 4o years set the example I follow in my own marriage.

My husband, NoƩ, and I live together on the first floor of a row house with our dog, Camila.

Right now the prospect of learning something new keeps me going in graduate school. And the potential to do something good (even it is something small) for my family, friends, and community motivates me to get up each day.

Currently I am studying anthropology with the intention of developing a more holistic perspective on life and finding ways to bring that perspective to current issues in the world. My primary research and work interests are in the relationships between language, citizenship, and healthcare, but you can read more about that on my research interests and background page.

Beyond school and work I enjoy spending time with friends and family. Reading and writing are also essential to my happiness. I take pleasure in reading fiction or non-fiction and have been journaling since someone in my church gave me my first diary at 8 years old. Each day I also take a therapeutic dose of cooking and/or cleaning – for some reason they calm me.

As you explore my website I hope you will be inspired to contact me about work, research, life, or anything that comes to your mind.


Grace Fay Cooper