Staying True to Yourself in Academia Through Writing

Working Women Writers

female-academic1Photo by Franciso Osorio.

By Grace Cooper

Currently, I’m completing my third in year in an anthropology PhD program. I started school when I was five, so if everything goes according to plan, I’ll finish my PhD by age 30. This means I will have spent 25 years of my life in school, learning the art of reading and writing in the academic genre.

The typical goal of these 25 years of training is to follow a career in academia and to continue refining my academic writing. With this future ahead of me, I often I ask myself: how I can use the act of writing to stay true to myself in academia and in life?

This question came to me when I began applying for graduate school and my undergraduate mentor explained to me that, even after finishing my PhD, I might not find a job as a…

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