Just a Few Thoughts on a Special Day

This day two years ago today, Noé and I became husband and wife. What better day to write about some of the things that bring me happiness. Let me start by saying this won’t be a post about all the joys our marriage has brought me, but rather an example of the core reason we... Continue Reading →


Place, Race, and Language: An Afternoon on Erie Ave.

Last August my husband, Noé, and I moved into a row house just off the corner of Erie Ave. and Nth 11th St. of Philadelphia. This is the first place we have lived together as husband and wife and it has been in many ways unlike any place either of has lived before. Nonetheless, we... Continue Reading →

Updates From The Windy City: A Lesson in Guns and Grammar

This past week I arrived in Chicago to spend one month attending the Linguistic Society of America’s 2015 Summer Linguistics Institute hosted at the University of Chicago. I have just two weeks left to go before I return to Philadelphia, but I have learned more about guns than grammar per se on this trip. Classes... Continue Reading →

An Introduction 

My name is Grace Fay Cooper. I am the 52nd grandchild of the late Grace Fay Cooper and the daughter of Patricia and Terence Cooper. Friends and family also call me by my married name, La Señora de Rodríguez. I am by profession an anthropologist. An anthropologist in training I should say, as I am... Continue Reading →

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